5 Shopping Tips for Bridal Sarees

So, you are engaged and the days are flying faster now. There are a lot of things to be finalized to have the perfect wedding and ofcourse, a bridal saree is the top most. Clueless on how to start shopping for sarees, read on more as we help you figure a way of it, without being stressed.

Planning in Advance:Although it might seem like you have a long gap between engagement and wedding, it is ideal if you can start looking out for sarees at least 4 to 6 months in advance. Start by searching bridal sarees online. Give some time to research about the current trends and what you prefer out of them.

Choosing the Right Fabric: Fabric selections are personal choice, but remember what suits for your friend may not be good for you. The fabric can uplift your entire look and make you look slimmer. You must also consider the season you are getting married in and the venue. If you are having long ritual hours ahead of you, choose a fabric which is lighter and easier to handle. And, if you are not comfortable with silk, you can opt for chiffon or brocade which makes you look attractive.

Picking the Right Color: In India, red and pink are the dominating colors in every wedding scene. If you like to play it safe, you can choose these colors without second guessing. If you are a little experimental and want to try out other colors, ensure that it compliments your skin color. If you have a fair complexion, you can choose orange, yellow, or even warm golden colors. If you are wheat complexioned, you can choose between green, maroon, and navy. Darker colors are good for day events, while lighter shade are ideal for evening events.

Deciding on Blouse Type: Square and round neck necklines on the blouse suits both short and tall women. If you are a little short, you can choose an oval or rectangular design, but if the saree is a bit heavy go for a designer back. If you are tall and have the perfect long neck, emphasize on the high neck designs with some heavy embellishments. Nothing is as flattering as the 3/4th sleeve blouse to hide those unwanted flabs make it look slimmer.

Comfort and Design: Try wearing multiple sarees before you fix on something. Although, heavily designed sarees with stones look brilliant it often ends up making you uncomfortable. Choose the right style of pleating according to your body type.

The vast range of bridal sarees online can be a great inspiration as well as a comfort factor to shop for your D-day!


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