Top tricks to look slim in Lehenga Sarees

Friend’s wedding is just few days away! And you still haven’t got the motivation to hit the gym neither to cut down on your calories. Do not panic. If you are voluptuous or on the heavier side, though it is always advisable to maintain a good Body Mass Index (BMI) by taking proper healthy diet and including some form of exercise in your daily routine, but there is always a ‘Plan B’ to look much slimmer in your designer lehenga and surprise your friends.

Give a kick to all your worries of becoming slimmer, as you can look your fabulous best and look much slimmer in lehenga sarees by just doing the following things.

Know your body type: The first and foremost thing is to know your body type – whether it is apple shaped or pear shaped, accordingly choose the lehenga. For a slimmer look, you should take into consideration these three things – colour, design and cut of the lehenga and its fabric.

Colour: Always choose the colour that will flatter your body type and elevate your beauty. Contrary to the myth that dark colour makes one look slimmer and vice versa. Designers believe there is nothing like that. But plus-sized women should choose colours according to their body shape. Multi colour makes one look heavier, so it is advisable to go monotonous and opt for single colours such as light peach or cream colours.

Avoid large prints: Lehenga sarees are usually heavy with all the embellishments in the skirt and blouse. If the designs are big and bold it you look more voluptuous. Avoid large patterns and large borders and choose medium sized butties and designs. The embroidery should have vertical pattern rather horizontal designs.

Cut of the lehenga: There are different cuts available in the market such as fish cut and standard cut (skirt types). You can go for traditional styles to contemporary ones.

Highlight the best body part: If you have beautiful upper body, then highlight it by wearing dark colour blouse with good design and embellishments. If you have beautiful bottom part or long legs, then wear an A-cut skirt which will make you look taller and slimmer.

Fabric of the lehenga: Selecting the right fabric is very important. Light fabrics such as georgette, Italian silk and chiffon hugs the body and falls straight unlike the stiff materials such as cotton and organza fabric that adds volume in the skirt. Light weighted fabric also works wonder as they are comfortable and easy to carry as well.

Now happy shopping for all plus sized women out there and rock the party! No more worries whether a lehenga will suit you.


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