Sling Bags: Fashion essential to look stunning anywhere

Sometimes, small things can have big influence in expressing the overall look or personality of a place or person. To put simpler, a small fridge magnet in bright shades and printed with an energetic line involving a pun can make your refrigerator corner the most inspirational space in your kitchen. The same tiny, creative things can do magic in surfacing out the glamour quotient of fashionable women. If you desire to hit a party and you want to reveal your feminine grace and elegance, you must feel inspired to dress creatively. A stylish sling bag is a great utility for such occasions. Fashion loving women cannot just dump all their important things in one compartment in it but they can also add more balance and style to their look with it.

Women sling bags can go with different kind of looks – casual chic, formal, even semi formal or dressy. Fashion conscious women can exude a distinct personality by picking a right bag to go with each look. Based on my observation of fashion trends and research, here are few tips on styling these stylish, small bags with different looks.

Sling bags for office fashionable office chic:- Shoulder sling bag in leather can make you look stunning with business pant-suit. You can also choose to wear a stylish sling bag backpack to show that feminine elegance and sophistication. Vibrant small bag can also work wonders with sober colours of grey, off white.

For fun evenings in summer: – A small sling satchel with fringes or with an exquisite design is a perfect fit with casual wear. Bigger sling bags look great on women wearing fitted pants especially jeans where as small sling bag brings out your cheerful chic look when combined with a free flowing summer dress. It is important to adjust the strap according to your height.

For disco or party diva: – Chained bags in shades of black or pink with distinct cuts can unleash the confident, style diva in you. If you’re going to hit the dance floor or a party, you can choose to add sense of glamour to your stylish apparels and accessories with an exotic shinning sling bag with chain straps. Women can select bags in velvet fabric or bags with stone work.

All said and done, dressing is an art. Just like decorating a beautiful home, dressing oneself by selecting perfect fashion accessories gives a person a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. Moreover, your dress and adornments are an expression of your personality and creativity. Choose to look unique with sling bags and style them with a little thought to look your fashionable best.


Suggestions to choose right fashion ear ornaments according to face type

No fashion-loving woman can look perfect without wearing a great pair of ear rings. Fashion earring is one women accessory or piece of jewellery that makes or break styles. In the earlier times,  gold or silver earrings were the only ornaments to enhance the beauty of ears of Indian women but today market is flooded with an array of jewellery in precious metals, stones or terracotta or beads. Costume jewellery is getting increasingly popular among today’s active, modern women. Fashionistas can create a tempting collection of elegant earrings, trendy bangles or handicraft or beaded jewelery for every outfit and occasion.

Beautiful pair of earrings which complement your face shape can help you to unleash your full-beauty force whereas earrings that don’t match create a fashion disaster. Women often ignore the importance of keeping face details in mind while making choice of fashion earrings for daily wear. If you desire to look fascinating and charming all the time, here are few tips to select earrings according to the shape of your face.

  1. For oval face:- Ladies with an oval face are on the luckier side as earrings in almost every shape accentuate their beauty. From studs to danglers to chandeliers, they can carry different ear pieces with grace. However, straight hanging earrings can give a sense of balance or proportion to their face and suit them best.
  2. For round face:- If you have a full round face and chubby cheeks, your should aim to make your face look long and slim. Long danglers or earrings with a slight tear drop can make you shine all the time. Earrings in geometric shapes also help to make your face look thinner.
  3. For heart shape face:- Since your face is narrow at the chin area, you should try to create an illusion of a wider face. Opt for earrings that have elongated shape or curves. Chandelier earrings too look great on women who have heart shape face.


Other than special jewellery outlets and malls, women shoppers can buy silver or gold earrings online in unique shapes and designs. You can find all necessary product information and price details of the ornaments on Internet shopping websites. To sum up, if you plan to look like a stunner on any upcoming occasion, on your next trip to the mall, take  these suggestions in account while zeroing in on perfect pair of earrings.

Salwar Suits- Perfect fusion of comfort and style

Most of thegirls or women like to dress-up depending on their mood or occasion. There are times when you want to express the playful, cute or trendy side of your personality and prefer to wear a western outfit where as sometimes you may want to don a dress which connects you with your cultural roots. Salwar Kameez suit is a worn by Indian women since times immemorial.  Salwar is a loose pant with drawstrings. It is tied around the waist. There can be variations in the style of a salwar. It can be baggy or tapered. Kameez is a large, loose fitting tunic. It can different lengths above the knee or below the  knee. Salwar-kameez look is finished with a dupatta. It is a cloth wornDesigner Salwar kameez Suits Online on the shoulders to cover one’s head.

In India, women of all age groups, kids too like to wear salwar kameez. It is one of the top choices of ladies in traditional attires on festivities, weddings or parties. Besides Indian women, this outfit has won the hearts of ladies around the world.  Women find a sense of comfort coupled with style in this dress. Salwar suits are available in a variety of materials, lengths, patterns, designs and cuts. The fashion of salwar kameez suit has also changed. Today, style loving women can shop for designer salwar suits online or from physical stores. Ladies who are fond of wearing traditional outfits curate collection of different type of salwar kameez ensembles.

Different Salwar Kameez types

Cotton Salwar suit is worn by Indian women as daily wear garment. It is very comfortable, soothing to wear and requires low maintainence. Women can wash salwar kameez in washing machines. Good quality make does not tear-off quickly.

Patiala salwar suit:- Patiala salwar-short hip length suit is one type. Patiala salwar is a loose fitting salwar. It is tied with the help of strings or elastic around waist.

Parallel suit:- A parallel salwar is a mixture of western pants and salwar. Women can keep the length of kameez short of long depending on their choice.

Churidar suit:- Churidar salwar is a pant with extra length. It gather around the ankle. Churidar is worn with a long length or standard length kameez. Now a day, anarkali suits with umbrella like kameez and churidar are quite in trend.

A huge range of designer salwar suits is available online. Women can wear salwar kameez keeping in mind latest trends and styles. The perfect Indian ethnic silhouette is both stylish as well as comfortable. Add salwar suits in vibrant hues to make a style statement.