Suggestions to choose right fashion ear ornaments according to face type

No fashion-loving woman can look perfect without wearing a great pair of ear rings. Fashion earring is one women accessory or piece of jewellery that makes or break styles. In the earlier times,  gold or silver earrings were the only ornaments to enhance the beauty of ears of Indian women but today market is flooded with an array of jewellery in precious metals, stones or terracotta or beads. Costume jewellery is getting increasingly popular among today’s active, modern women. Fashionistas can create a tempting collection of elegant earrings, trendy bangles or handicraft or beaded jewelery for every outfit and occasion.

Beautiful pair of earrings which complement your face shape can help you to unleash your full-beauty force whereas earrings that don’t match create a fashion disaster. Women often ignore the importance of keeping face details in mind while making choice of fashion earrings for daily wear. If you desire to look fascinating and charming all the time, here are few tips to select earrings according to the shape of your face.

  1. For oval face:- Ladies with an oval face are on the luckier side as earrings in almost every shape accentuate their beauty. From studs to danglers to chandeliers, they can carry different ear pieces with grace. However, straight hanging earrings can give a sense of balance or proportion to their face and suit them best.
  2. For round face:- If you have a full round face and chubby cheeks, your should aim to make your face look long and slim. Long danglers or earrings with a slight tear drop can make you shine all the time. Earrings in geometric shapes also help to make your face look thinner.
  3. For heart shape face:- Since your face is narrow at the chin area, you should try to create an illusion of a wider face. Opt for earrings that have elongated shape or curves. Chandelier earrings too look great on women who have heart shape face.


Other than special jewellery outlets and malls, women shoppers can buy silver or gold earrings online in unique shapes and designs. You can find all necessary product information and price details of the ornaments on Internet shopping websites. To sum up, if you plan to look like a stunner on any upcoming occasion, on your next trip to the mall, take  these suggestions in account while zeroing in on perfect pair of earrings.


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