Types of Handbags for Every Women

Yellow Trendy Handbags for womenHandbags carry all your daily essentials and this is why they have a special place in your wardrobe. While many women buy them to stuff all their essentials, others invest in them with a purpose of styling their looks. Handbags and purses are accessories that reflect your personal style and taste and also make things easier while you are on the go. So, before choosing one, always ensure it is spacious, stylish, and comfortable to handle or easy to sling over your shoulders.

Just like clothes, handbags too come in a variety of designs and styles and you can choose the one that best suits your personality or serves the purpose of carrying everything in one place.

According to a market research, around 50% of women buy at least one handbag in a year. A lot of young girls under 25 years of age buy branded handbags for women as accessories to match their outfits. And women aged 25 and above are more likely to shop large handbags so that they could carry their daily stuff.

Although there are so many types of bags available online like totes, hobos, messenger, clutch, satchel, bucket bags, and kiondo style bags, it becomes really difficult to choose the right one from the best online shopping portal. May we give you few suggestions that might help you in shopping handbags online and knowing which ones are perfect for you?

  • The evergreen black bag works as an anytime and all-time accessory. Be it a formal or casual meeting, it looks classy and goes well with every outfit.
  • A neutral colored tote, inspired from the western fashion trends, too works with everything and has gained popularity in the recent years.
  • Have a red bag in your closet. It is a timeless accessory that will never go out of fashion.
  • Clutch all day. A handy clutch bag is an ideal pick in case you don’t want to feel loaded with a bag on your shoulders but still need to carry all those essentials.
  • Potli Bag- This one is a must-have to go with your traditional outfits like sarees, suits and lehengas.
  • Ergonomic and stylish wallet- Keep your cards and money intact in a spacious and quirky wallet which easily fits into your handbag.
  • Sling bag- Walk hands-free and carefree with designer sling bags. They are compact and easy to hang around your body. Plus, they are spacious enough to accommodate most of your daily items.
  • Oversized tote works for a weekend getaway or when you are rushing to go somewhere.

All these are types of bags that you should own and stuff all your daily essentials like cosmetics, mobile phone, small gadgets, wallets and a diary, in it.

Browse, explore and find a great collection of handbags online to suit all your needs.


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