7 Famous Cotton Sarees from India

Crisp, comfortable, classy and evergreen, are the words that aren’t enough to describe the long lost cotton sarees. Although, in many parts of the country, this variety of sarees are still worn with love, while there are many women out there who are embracing the new trends in sheer and embroidery sarees. The glamorous party wear sarees of today that are making headlines these days might not stay for long, but cotton sarees are going to stay forever so better not ditch these.

Shop a few pieces of cotton sarees for your ethnic wardrobe. These are best for summers and flatter almost every body type, especially if you have a lean figure, cotton sarees add more weight to the look, making you look fuller. Here are the top 7 styles in cotton sarees from India:


  • Tant sarees

These are famous of Bengal and have a starched and crisp texture. Shop these cotton sarees online in soft and bright colors.

  • Khadi sarees

Khadi is a famous textile in India and considered classy for summer months. Every garment made in this fabric looks graceful and timeless. Buy cotton sarees in khadi available online in pastel and bright colors.

  • Dhakai sarees

Originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh, dhakai sarees are known for their intricate threadwork. The regular dhakai sarees feature normal thread embroidery while zamdani dhakai sarees have gold thread work.

  • Chikan sarees

Cool and classic like khadi sarees, chikan sarees are a popular choice among Indian women. They feature white thread embroidery all over in a specific jail style design.

  • Sambalpuri sarees

These sarees from Odisha are well-known for their vibrant colors and striking pallu worked in intricate embroidery motif.

  • Kanjeevaram sarees

Kanjeevaram is already known as silk sarees but there are few varieties that are made in cotton as well. Find these designer cotton sarees online in trendy color combos and contemporary patterns.

  • Kotki sarees

Bengal cotton sarees that are loved for their special temple design borders. Buy these sarees online in subtle shades and make them as your summer day wear sarees.


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